Customer service

Now a days we rarely get any great customer service. I understand that people have good days and bad days but that doesn’t mean you have to treat customers a certain way. We pay for
the food or clothing, we basically is the main reason why some people have a job. Not to sound to rude or anything but I’m just saying.


Church..for youth

Today we had our second youth service and all I can say is that it was on point. We had our first one last month but it was a starter. I was very impressed by how far most of the youth came. Most of them it was their first time and I am honored to be a part of something that means a lot to the youth. I give all the glory and praise God for everything and all things he has done and blessed me with. So everyone God bless everyone and their families.

it’s going to be a night

Here at the hospital and it’s a public place. So it’s going to be a long night. My husband is not feeling well and he was at work. Even though this week haven’t been great but all I can do is try and move it along. Is not going to be easy but I hope and pray that it will get better. No one is perfect but we are human. Well that’s for another post. Lol. Just right now just hope and pray everything will be okay. Have great and blessed night everyone.